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The café’s three branches – Chulalongkorn, I’M Park Community Mall, Thong Lo 13 – all have a large catalogue of adult and kids’ games, some of which are displayed and sold.Their food menu is one of the varied among gamers’ cafes: sweet and savory waffles are their specialty and the coffee and smoothie selection includes more than just basic brews.

Get a membership for you and your special someone so you could get all the benefits and scheduling a second (or third) date won’t be such a hassle.Sitting quietly among quirky bistros, posh bars and ‘best restaurants’ are gamers’ and geeky cafes that have been proliferating in Bangkok for some time.They provide a refreshing change of dating scenery for lovebirds who couldn’t stand to have another date night at an over-decorated and overpriced rooftop bar.To foster a sense of community among patrons, the staff sometimes seats customers with other customers.Kitchen prepares savory dishes such as green curry and potato curry, as well as sandwiches, French fries, chicken karage and hash browns for those who have a smaller appetite, while dessert and beverage menu includes ETE ice cream-parfait, coffee, Italian soda and softdrinks.

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Gamers’ cafes provide an avenue to really get to know someone in unexpected ways – something you don’t normally experience in a night out in Seenspace or RCA.

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